YELLOW HYBISCUS  (Ref 162)Lavender Field (Ref 172)Seed Heads 3 (ref 170)Yellow Flags (Ref X034)DARK AMARYLLIS  (Ref: 008)MONOCHROME LILY  (Ref: 046)MONOCHROME GINGKO  (Ref 47)THREE-IN-THE-WOODS  (Ref 150)WOVEN ROOTED BRANCHES  (Ref: 034)POPPY FARM  (Ref: 091)RICE IRIS . (Ref: 069)THREE CROWS IN FLIGHT (Ref: 055))WOVEN BRANCHES  (Ref: 013)POPPY BARN  #8. (Ref: 006)RED & GOLD  (Ref: 031)OLD OAKS (Ref: X005)FLOWER BLAST  (Ref: 063)WILD ROSE  (Ref: X021)BIRCH LAKE  (Ref: X024)BRIGHT WOODS  (Ref: 117)BLUE POT  (Ref: 118)TREE LINE #6 (Ref: 010)SEED HEADS 2 (ref 171)
Lavender Field (Ref 172)

Lavender Field (Ref 172)


Acrylic  6 x 6.   Framed 7 x 7


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