St. George's Church, Halifax, NS

St. George's Church, Halifax, NS

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St. George's Church, Halifax, NS

St. George’s Church was built in 1800-1801 to replace the over-crowded Little Dutch Church.  Had the conservative German parishioners raised a church that reflected their modest £200 savings for the project it would not be the magnificent Round St. George’s we know and  love today.  However, perhaps because of his Hanoverian lineage, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, was then in command at the Citadel, took and enthusiastic interest in the project.  It was the prince who pushed for the very fashionable round design, and it was the Prince who raised much of the money to build a church in the so-called North Suburbs, which would rival the mother church (St. Paul’s) at the centre of town.  The Prince even managed to get his father, George III, to pony up for his round church in far-away Halifax, despite the general strain in relations between the Royal generations.  St. George’s was a grand ecclesiastical theatre, with its stacked semi-circular galleries and slave’s gallery up in the dome itself…closer thee to thy maker!  Happily, St. George’s has been raised again and restored to perfect detail after the tragic fire of 1995.