The Artist

 Gale Armstrong                                             

Gale Armstrong is a visual artist. She was inspired to take up brush and pen twenty-five years ago in order to illustrate her children’s and travel writing.  What began as a peripheral engagement progressed into the mainstream of her artistic endeavours.  With a life-long passion for architectural form and history, it wasn’t surprising that she turned her pen toward the production of detailed architectural illustrations, more or less in the tightly-lined engraving aesthetic of the nineteenth century.  Over the years several large series of these Pen & Ink Illustrations have been printed (Landmarks of Nova Scotia, English Cottages, American Great Growth Wineries, The Acadia University Series etc.). 

House Proud Original, an off shoot of the finely detailed architecturals, was perhaps the first mail-order commissioned art enterprise aimed at home owners all across North America & the United Kingdom, and those commissions continue to occupy a good deal of her studio time.  Gale’s interests are broad, as is demonstrated in the wide range of subject matter in her watercolour renderings... stylized landscapes, reflecting her travels, various interpretations of flora and fauna, and even antique automobiles.


Current Gallery Exhibitions

The Quartet Gallery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Mulberry Tree Gallery, Swanage, Dorset  UK

Wolfville Library, Wolfville, Nova Scotia A 20 Year Retrospective

Argyle Art Gallery "Pre-Shrunk" Exibition, Halifax, Nova Scotia