The Artist

 Gale Armstrong                                             

Gale Armstrong is a visual artist. Her initial focus was pen and ink. She was inspired thirty years ago in order to illustrate her children’s and travel writing.  What began as a peripheral engagement progressed into the mainstream of her artistic endeavours.  With a life-long passion for architectural form and history, it wasn’t surprising that she turned her pen toward the production of detailed architectural illustrations, more or less in the tightly-lined engraving aesthetic of the nineteenth century.   This medium  has led to the creation of four major series; English Country Cottages, Landmarks of Nova Scotia, Acadia University Heritage Series and Great Growth Wineries of California. Over 500 illustrations have originated from these as well as the travel book Cottage Holidaying in Britain.

Gale’s other focus is glowing watercolours. The luminosity of the paper, the depth achieved with transparent water colours and the vibrancy of the inks are vital in her work. The transparency of the watercolour medium is her eye to historic architectural form and spirit. She frequently combines watercolour and pen and ink. The results can be very lively but controlled paintings. Or, quite vivid, light heated and bright renderings of the subject matter.

Gale has also been a teacher, innkeeper, travel and food writer and administrator. During all this time she has never been without a sketch book.

She winters in the United Kingdom and the influence of the great traditional English watercolourists is apparent.

Although she has travelled widely and lived many places she is a born and bred Nova Scotian which always provides captivating subjects and scenes for her work.

Gallery Exhibitions

The Swan on Lincoln, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Lunenburg Art Gallery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Mulberry Tree Gallery, Swanage, Dorset  UK

Wolfville Library, Wolfville, Nova Scotia A 20 Year Retrospective

Argyle Art Gallery "Pre-Shrunk" Exibition, Halifax, Nova Scotia