Amaryllis Two (Ref: 008)Birch Stand (Ref: 027)Monochrome Lily (Ref: 046)Poppy Farm. (Ref: 091)Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia. (Ref:005)Woven Rooted Branches (Ref: 034)Red Lillies. (Ref: 040)Iris. (Ref: 069)Three Crows in Flight. (Ref: 055))Ripe. (Ref: 056)Tree Line #6 (Ref: 010)Birch Lake  (Ref: X024)Little Sunflower (Ref: 123)

This painting would be shipped without glass. A $20 allowance would be made for replacement.

Iris. (Ref: 069)

Iris. (Ref: 069)

Watercolour on Rice Paper. 10.5 x 13

Framed  17 x 21


This picture is not available.