Halifax City Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax City Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Halifax City Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax City Hall was completed in 1890 amidst a mood of considerable municipal self-satisfaction s the golden era of Victoria marched into the last decade of the century.  One sign of progress was that the old Dalhousie College had been persuaded (bribed, really) to surrender its occupancy of the north end of the Grand Parade to make room for the new municipal edifice. Demolition of the college building went quickly and the Dartmouth architect Edward Elliot won the City Hall design competition, and the modes sum of $300.  During construction Halifax celebrated its 140th anniversary with the whole town turning out in full regalia for the cacophonous blowout of the century.  Part of the celebration may have been for the miraculous fact that the whole town, along with its rising new City Hall, hadn’t been blown away a couple months earlier by the huge fire in the Citadel powder magazine.  It would b another generation be for City Hall would receive such a blast (the Halifax Explosion of 1917), which it survived, albeit with some telling stretch marks.