Prince's Lodge Rotunda, Greater Halifax, NS

Prince's Lodge Rotunda, Greater Halifax, NS

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Prince's Lodge Rotunda, Bedford Basin, NS

Prince’s Lodge Rotunda was built n 1796 by Prince Edward, the future father of Queen Victoria.  Originally conceived as a music pavilion for the estate he developed and occupied (1794-1800), the Rotunda was likely modelled on the Temple of Aeolus, and was certainly inspired by the Prince’s Elysium childhood, playing among the splendid landscape architecturals of Kew Gardens.  The Rotunda also symbolizes the Prince’s great romance with his long-time French paramour, Julie de St. Laurent, who ornamented his soldiery life, as he decorated the rude military bastion of Halifax with some highly civilized architectural imagination.  Here in the Rotunda overlooking Bedford Basin Edward and Julie shared their passion for music and amiable companionship, evading the sure knowledge that the Prince’s ultimate royal responsibilities offered no place for the beloved Julie.