Robertson Store - Maritime Museum, Halifax

Robertson Store - Maritime Museum, Halifax

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Robertson Store - Maritime Museum, Halifax

Robertson Store is the land-side focal point of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  In many ways William Robertson & Sons Limited operated a living museum here well before the occupancy of the present cultural tenants.  From the first half of the 19th century this was known as Mitchell’s Wharf, and important section of the teeming Halifax waterfront.  The ships chandlery and warehouse on this site dates from at least 1840, and a substantial brick warehouse was raised here in the boom year of 1847 by the firm of Albro & Wier.  Thirty years later in the midst of the depression of the 1870s the Albro Company failed, opening the door for a new commercial contender.  William Robertson has spent half of his forty years of age in hardware retailing when in 1979 he purchased the wooden store front for the impressive sum of $8,900.  Thus began nearly a century of family enterprise…from father (William, d. 1919) to son (William Gordon, d. 1938) to grandson (Hugh, d. 1982).  Prosperity encouraged the Robertsons to acquire more and more of the wharf buildings over the years, and to enhance the wooden store with brick facing in 1899 as a salute to the coming century.  While the business expanded, reaching seafarers throughout Nova Scotia through the company’s traveling representatives, the management stype and atmosphere of the Robertson chandlery remained much the same right up to the modern era.  In 1976 Robertson and Son Ltd. Closed it doors on a much transformed world; two years later the Museum reopened those doors for us to look back in time.